• Your carpets will feel soft and look new again. We will not leave any chemical residues behind like other methods do!
    Your carpets will feel soft and look new again. We will not leave any chemical  residues behind like other methods do!

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Remove Pet Stains

Treating Pet Stains And Odors 

No matter how careful we are, or how well trained our companions, our pets will inevitably have an accident every now and then. What is worse, they often find places to relieve themselves that are out of the way where their humans will not notice the issue until it is too late and the mess has already sunk into the carpet leaving a terrible stain and potentially a foul odor.

The most potent and difficult mess a pet can leave behind is urine. Urine quickly soaks into carpets and can potentially leave an unsightly stain that is very difficult to remove. Assuming you are lucky enough to catch the mess early, you will need to soak up as much of the urine as possible with paper towels. An effective strategy is to use a thick wad of towels, cover it with newspaper, and stand on it for several minutes. If it is feasible, take the soiled paper towels and leave them in an area you want the pet to eliminate their waste, as the use their own scent as a cue for where to use the bathroom. Rinse the area with cold water and then blot up the remaining liquid or use a wet-vac to thoroughly dry the area.

If you discover a stain that has already set in, there are a few steps you can take on your own before calling the best local carpet cleaner Irvine CA has to offer. The first step is to thoroughly rinse the area with cold water. Using cold water is important as warm water will actually make the smell worse. After rinsing, commercial carpet cleaners can be used to remove or at least lessen the appearance of a stain. Irvine Carpet Care recommends environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that use enzymatic action for pet stains as they are specially formulated for the job. Finally apply an odor neutralizing solution to reduce the odor and discourage future accidents.

Even after all that, you may find the carpet remains tinged with a hint of yellow, or that an aroma remains even after treatment. In these cases, you will want to call in a professional carpet cleaning service, as they possess equipment that cleans carpets all the way down to the backing where those persistent odors and discolorations reside.

Preventing Recurrent Accidents

One important step many owners overlook when treating the stains their pets leave behind is to teach the pet that the affected area is not an appropriate toilet. You will want to make the soiled area unattractive to the pet while making the appropriate toilet area seem more attractive. Many trusted pet training blogs and websites are available with specific ideas depending on your pet. The most important thing to do to prevent recurrent accidents however is to fully cleanse the accident site of the odor left behind, as most pets use their own scent as a cue for elimination.